Snohomish County Fire Ban Effective since July 13th

High Fire Warning

Stage 1 Outdoor Burning Ban Announced in Snohomish County

This restriction bans outdoor burning, except for recreational fires. Recreational fires are less than three feet in diameter and two feet high and are for cooking and pleasure only. Recreational fires must be contained within a fire pit that has been cleared of all combustible material within a 10 foot radius, must be monitored at all times, and must have a water source readily available (at a minimum, a charged water hose or a five-gallon bucket of water).

For more information see the official notice here.

You can also call the Outdoor Burning Information Hotline at 425-388-3508 for updates.

We're in a high wildfire warning in our area with this recent stretch of warm weather and vegetation is dry out there.  Please be careful disposing of any lit cigarettes, cigars, or matches, use an appropriate ash tray (even in your vehicle as one spark is all it takes on the side of the road.)