Stanton Meadows HOA Information

Whether you're new to an HOA or one of our valued established residents, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By-Laws of Stanton Meadows HOA.  Additionally, you play an important role in the function of our community.  From voting in HOA elections, attending HOA meetings, to simply being active in our neighborhood community, residents of Stanton Meadows HOA are what make this community what it is.  


Every home owner, including everyone on the Board of Directors in Stanton Meadows, is an automatic member of the Owners Association when they purchased their home in Stanton Meadows.


The Board of Directors has the authority to make decisions for general operations. Based upon the CC&Rs and Bylaws, every home within the Stanton Meadows Owners Association has one vote which may be applied when a vote is needed to accomplish certain HOA business. Votes may be cast by proxy in case you can not attend an announced meeting. This means you may mail in your proxy letter showing your vote for or against something. Any time a vote is required, a proxy letter will be sent to every home owner and instructions will be included with the letter you receive. Although renters have to comply with the terms of the CC&Rs and Bylaws, they generally can not cast a vote in HOA business.

HOA Insurance Coverage

The Board of Directors maintains two types of insurance. The first mandatory insurance is Liability Insurance on any common areas maintained by Stanton Meadows Owners Association. The second type of insurance is Operating Insurance, covering the Board of Directors and any contractors hired by the Board. Neither insurance covers any home within the HOA - that has to be separately maintained by the homeowner themselves.

Association Insurance

The Board of Directors has renewed the insurance policies with American Family Insurance for the Association for fiscal year 2017.

Because the streets are considered "public", homeowners are personally liable for any accidents and/or damage to their property. The insurance does not cover homeowner vehicles, including ones left on the street, or damage to homeowner property.

It should be noted that if at any time liability is assessed to the Stanton Meadows HOA, (i.e., lawsuit, etc.), all homeowners in the Association are generally included as parties in the liability depending on the circumstances and what insurance will cover at their determination. This particularly applies to any damage, illness, etc., at the "Tot Lot".

Legal Actions

If for some reason the HOA is sued, then the insurance will cover the expenses, to a certain limit. The Board of Directors may have to assess every homeowner a special assessment to cover any expenses of the lawsuit not covered by insurance. Although you are a member of the HOA, you generally won't be directly involved in any legal action. The Registered Agent or other designated Attorney for the HOA will usually take care of all legal matters of the HOA. On the remote chance a lawsuit does happen, we will keep you informed by letter.

Association Legal Representation

Zeno Bakalian, P.S., Kirkland, Washington, is the attorney and Registered Agent representing the Association. Please note that anyone who contacts the law firm directly will be responsible for paying for all legal fees charged as a result of that direct contact. We would suggest you contact the Board first.

HOA dues

HOA dues are paid by each home owner directly to the Board of Directors to cover expenses. Dues are never taken out of the mortgage paid by a home owner. The only time that dues are involved with a real estate transaction is when a home is bought or sold. When the home owner is part of the Stanton Meadows Owners Association and sells their home, they are responsible for paying all dues, making sure they are current when they sell. As required by real estate law, the Escrow Office will usually contact the HOA Board of Directors to make sure dues are paid current. The buyer then becomes responsible for the dues when they buy the home and become an automatic member of the Association.  Visit Stanton Meadows Assessment Policies for more information.  

General Law Enforcement

Like anywhere else, everyone has to comply with ordinances and laws where an HOA is located. This includes pet and noise control, vehicle parking and registration, etc. In the case of certain violations, HOA members can be ticketed by the police. In the situation of more serious crimes, such as mail being removed (a Federal offense), vandalism, break-ins, etc., it should be reported to police immediately. When it becomes necessary to call the police, the Board of Directors would like to be informed of the situation as well.