Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are often asked of the Association by members of our community. To save you time and trouble, we've collected the answers to these questions and put them here for your convenience. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to let us know your suggestions for additional questions to be added to this page.


Does everyone in the Association have to pay the annual assessments?

Yes, everyone has to pay. The CC&Rs plainly states under paragraph 4.7.3 that no one in the Association may exempt themselves from paying annual assessments. Homeowners automatically become responsible for paying annual assessments for their property when they purchase the home located within the community.

Who do I call for help with weather problems?

Everyone has seen how winter weather can wreak havoc in neighborhoods. The City of Monroe has one number to call, for weather woes such as flooded roadways, clogged catch basins, trees down in rights-of-way, potholes, erosion, damaged street signs or other types of storm damage to public property. Call City Hall at (360) 794-7400 during regular business hours. Call 911 after normal business hours to report any situation that is an emergency such as a down or missing stop sign.

We are thinking about repainting our home. What steps do we need to take to be in compliance with the Architectural Controls (ARC)?

See section 3.7 of the Architectural Controls. Whether you are repainting your home to the same color or choosing a new one, you may want to purchase a pint of paint, and try it on the side of your home. In addition please submit a paint chip(s) along with the application to the ARC Committee. Note that this is only required if you are painting your house a different color. If you are painting your house in the original colors, you do not need ARC approval. In almost every instance, the ARC Committee will approve your changes. The purpose of the ARC is to insure uniformity throughout the HOA community.

Trees are beginning to block my view, what do I do?

If the trees are on your property you may trim them back. If they are on your neighbors property you will need to work out an agreement with your neighbor. If a dispute arises, contact the Board of Directors by email.

What is the official Parking Policy of the our Association?

See Section 6.5 of the CC&Rs. In short, only passenger vehicles can be parked on the lot (no commercial vehicles). Recreational Vehicles and boats must be parked on a screened area of the lot, (i.e., behind a fence), and the Architectural Review Committee must approve the screened area. This means no street parking, no parking on front lawns, no tow trucks, etc. Vehicles regularly parked in an unapproved area shall be considered a nuisance and the Board may notify you asking that you take corrective action. Generally, vehicles must be parked in the garage, unless you have more vehicles than garage spaces, in which case, you can park the extra vehicles in your driveway. Vehicles parked in the driveway should not block the sidewalk.

We are remodeling our home. Our contractors need to temporarily park their vehicles in the street while this is going on. Do we need the board's approval to do so?

Yes. After receiving approval of your proposed remodel from the ARC Committee, and once construction starts, please notify the ARC by email of your situation and how long the vehicles will be on the street.

I'm a homeowner who is leasing my home out to renters. What do I need to do whenever I get new tenants?

See section 6.7 of the CC&Rs. You must provide your renter with a copy of the Declaration, Bylaws and CC&Rs and the renter must acknowledge that they have received them. Also, please let the Board know that your lot is being rented and provide us with your current mailing address and phone number. Additionally, for safety reasons, you must provide the names and phone number of the renters should they need to be notified directly.