Stanton Meadows Assessment Policies

Association Assessments

The current annual HOA dues assessed on all households is $61.00 per year. All members of the Association will be sent a written notice of assessments that are due. Every effort to provide as much time between the mailing of the notice and the due date will be made, however, all homeowners should recognize that the due date for the assessment to be paid remains the same every year, March 31st.

Association assessments are due by March 31st of every year and are paid in advance, (for example, if the due date is March 31, 2017, the payment will cover the period of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018). Should this due date ever change, all members will be notified in writing. 

The Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, (CC&Rs), requires all home owners located within the Stanton Meadows community to pay an assessment fee to cover the expenses of the Owners Association operational expenses and improvements approved by the HOA Board. Homeowners can not exempt themselves from payment for any reason - Please refer to the CC&Rs for more detailed information.

The same documents also allows the Board of Directors to (without member approval required):

  1. Establish the annual HOA assessment fee per household.
  2. Establish the frequency the fee is to be paid.
  3. Establish any special assessment fee required for improvements.
  4. Establish late fees, within applicable State laws, for any payments that are 30 days past due.
  5. Establish interest rates, not to exceed 18% (in Washington, not to exceed 12%), for any assessments that are over 60 days past due.
  6. Obtain judgments and establish liens on properties with overdue assessment fees (HOA dues)

Per the CC&Rs, all payments received will be applied first to costs, then to late charges, then to interest and then to delinquent assessments, in the order of oldest to newest.

Late Charge

Effective March 14, 2014, ten (10) days after the due date, a late charge of $7.50 will be applied to the homeowner account for each year any unpaid balance exists. For example, if the dues are paid for 2013 but there is an unpaid balance for late fees, interest or fines, a late fee of $7.50 will be charged against the account. Homeowners are expected to pay the full balance owed prior to the due date.  

Overdue Fee Interest

Effective March 14, 2014, an interest rate of twelve percent (12%) per year will be applied to any unpaid balances of HOA fees that are more than 30 days overdue. This interest charge will be applied at each event that a new annual billing is generated.

Late Charge Exceptions

A homeowner may submit a request for an exception to policy for assessed late charges or interest. The request must be sent to the Board of Directors and will include the reason(s) late fees and/or interest should not be applied. Each request will be considered on an individual basis and must be received before the due date.

Homeowners who receive approval for payment arrangements must insure they meet the requirements. If the homeowner fails to meet the requirements, the arrangement will be cancelled and all interest and late fees will apply.

Homeowners who believe a statement balance is an error, should immediately notify the Board of Directors and should be prepared to provide the Board of Directors with the appropriate paperwork showing why the balance due may be in error. For example, if the homeowner says that payment has already been made, proof of payment must be provided, i.e., copy of a cancelled check from the bank. Copies of checks out of checkbooks will not be accepted as proof of payment.

If a homeowner does not contact the Board of Directors within 30 days after the statement was sent out, it will be assumed the statement balance is correct and valid.

Home Rentals

For homes being rented out, the homeowner, not renter, is legally responsible for paying the fees, even if the homeowner is living somewhere else.

If a home owner decides to rent out their home and live elsewhere, the homeowner is requested to contact the Board so that the appropriate mailing address and phone number can be put into the records for future statements to the home owner.

Additionally, a homeowner who is renting their home, must provide the names and phone number of the individuals who are renting the property. This is in case those individuals need to be contacted due to public safety issues, ie., fire, etc.

Selling Your Home

When a home owner sells their home, the seller, (current homeowner), is responsible for notifying the Board of Directors of the sale as well as ensuring that all assessments are brought current as of date of the escrow closing. The seller is also responsible for letting the Escrow Closer know that the home is in an HOA and does have CC&Rs recorded against the property.

The buyer, when closing is completed, becomes responsible for paying Association assessments that become due after the closing date.

Association Expenses

Primary expenses that Association assessments cover include: mandatory Association Board of Director insurance, maintenance of the common use areas (the Tot Lot), meeting expenses, assessment collection, and postal services.

Member Expenses

The Board of Directors is diligently working to reduce the operating costs for the Owners Association so that HOA dues may be kept low, yet be sufficiently available for improvements. Therefore, the following policies are in effect:

  1. Any member who does any type of work on behalf of the Stanton Meadows Owners Association or who might purchase supplies for the Association must submit receipts and/or paid invoices to obtain reimbursement.
  2. If a member expects a cost to be a high-dollar item or a continuing cost, permission from the Board of Directors is required first.
  3. No member is authorized to make a contract with any third-party or incur any debt on behalf of the Stanton Meadows Owners Association without first getting permission from the Board of Directors.
  4. The Association Attorney or Registered Agent should not be contacted without prior Board knowledge. If a member contacts the attorney and the Association is charged by the attorney, those same charges will be assessed against the member account if prior approval was not obtained.

HOA Assessment Credit

Any supplies bought or work conducted on behalf of the Stanton Meadows Owners Association will not be applied towards assessments that may be due. To maintain proper accountability in possible audits, any expenses incurred by a member will be reimbursed by submitting hard copy receipts or invoices to the Board of Directors. It is required that approval be obtained from the Board of Directors beforehand for high dollar expenses.