About Stanton Meadows HOA

Established August, 1995 as a nonprofit corporation, Stanton Meadows Owners Association currently consists of 145 single family residences. There is one "Common Use" area, locally known as the "Tot Lot", which was permanently dedicated to the Stanton Meadows Owners Association in 1996. As a Common Use area, the property is valued at $0 resulting in no Snohomish County property taxes being assessed or due. There are two Plat Divisions, Division 1 and Division 2, within the Stanton Meadows community.

Based on the governing documents recorded on the title of all Stanton Meadows properties, the Board of Directors initially established in August 1995, will consist of 5 members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-Large, with three (3) year terms, which may be renewed. There are no term limitations. The Board members are all unpaid volunteers. The Board may not have an even number of members, and only one person from a household may serve on the Board. Positions must remain filled until such time as another member is appointed or voted into the position. Position duties are outlined in the Association Articles and Bylaws.

The Board of Directors will formally meet a minimum of four times a year. In standard meeting protocol, the Board meetings are open to the public but generally are not open to discussion by anyone other than Board members. You, as a home owner, are always welcome to come and listen in on our discussions. If you have a particular topic that you would like the Board to consider, we encourage you to contact the Board of Directors by email or letter, prior to the meeting, so the Board can discuss it in the meeting. We request you submit your idea or suggestion in detail so the Board may properly research your topic for consideration.

A meeting of all Homeowners will be held at least once a year. Approximately four (4) weeks before the meeting you will receive a notice in your mailbox, and/or by email, of the date and time. Feel free to contact the Board Secretary if you want to know the date and location earlier than that. As soon as a meeting date has been set, we will post it on this website as well.

We strongly encourage all homeowners and renters attend the annual meetings.We also encourage everyone to attend all Board meetings so that you may be aware of what is changing, what the financial status is, and what plans are in the making involving your Association dues.

If you would like to become involved in the Stanton Meadows Owners Association, don't hesitate to contact us as we can always use help with various projects within the community.